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BiteSoft® is a solution designed to address bruxism, a condition where patients grind their teeth during sleep, leading to chronic tooth pain. By using BiteSoft® splints, patients can prevent teeth grinding and clenching at night, ensuring a pain-free and undamaged sleep. This innovative approach to bruxism offers effective relief, allowing patients to sleep soundly without damaging their teeth or existing restorations due to grinding. Notably, BiteSoft® splints also alleviate jaw pain and are exceptionally comfortable to wear, ensuring high patient compliance. This makes BiteSoft® one of the most successful treatments for both bruxism and TMJ pain, enjoying great popularity due to its therapeutic design and comfort.


BiteSoft® Prescribed for Bruxism

BiteSoft® is commonly recommended for patients dealing with bruxism or TMJ issues. The splint is a custom-fit mouthpiece that covers the front six teeth, promoting jaw stability and relaxation during sleep. If a patient experiences TMJ or bruxism symptoms, BiteSoft® offers a safe and pain-free solution to reduce the negative effects.

BiteSoft® Device Details

Dual Laminate• Indicated for maxillary arch only• Available in dual laminate• Protects porcelain restorations• Prevents tooth damage• May relieve jaw and neck pain• Provides 70% reduction in the intensity of bruxism

Available as an Anterior Splint which eliminates posterior clenching, or a Full Arch Splint which stabilizes occlusion for TMD patients.

Initial Appointment

Delivery Instructions

When delivering the BiteSoft® appliance, the process is simple. Insert the appliance into the patient’s mouth and confirm that it cannot be easily removed with lip or tongue pressure. Ensure that the patient cannot move the mandible past the posterior edge of the ramp. The lingual ramp guides the incisors onto the incisal table, distributing the occlusal load evenly over three or four opposing incisor teeth for optimal bruxism inhibition. In most cases, a vertical opening of up to 2 millimeters suffices, as minimal clearance of posterior teeth is necessary for all mandible positions. Verify that the incisal table aligns at right angles to the long axis of the opposing anterior teeth.

It’s worth noting that some patients may require extra time to adapt to their splint. For those patients, wearing the splint for a few hours overnight until they become accustomed and comfortable with it is recommended. Initial muscle tenderness might occur, especially for those who have used splints before.

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