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SMART 1 Implant Abutments

Puche Dental Lab SMART 1 implant abutments are meticulously engineered to cater to each patient’s unique case requirements. We employ cutting-edge design and milling technologies to ensure the most precise fits are achievable. Our technological advancements enable us to offer abutments compatible with most major implant platforms.

With careful consideration of design decisions, we prioritize achieving optimal emergence and contours, resulting in an ideal soft-tissue contour and aesthetics. Our SMART 1® custom abutments come with a 7-year limited warranty, reflecting our confidence in their exceptional quality.

For cementable restorations, SMART 1 by Puche Dental Lab provides two types of custom implant abutments: Titanium or Zirconia w/Ti Base. Our attention to design details guarantees a seamless delivery of the final restoration, yielding outstanding cosmetic outcomes.

SMART 1 Implant Abutments

Key Features

Indications for use

Suitable for both single-tooth and multi-abutment cementable cases, Puche Dental Lab’s custom implant abutments are versatile and reliable.

Contraindications: We do not recommend their use in cases with an interocclusal space below 8 mm, as a minimum of 8 mm of crown height space is required.

For optimal results, the ideal space for a cement-retained prosthesis should be 9 mm to 10 mm in the posterior and 10 mm to 12 mm in a maxillary central region. At Puche Dental Lab, we prioritize patient-specific considerations to ensure successful outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Clinical handling

Delivery and Cementation

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