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Puche Dental Lab creates precise, custom-fitted sports guards for athletes. While playing or training for any sport, a sport guard protects your mouth, teeth, and jaw by cushioning the impact of a blow to the face.

While wearing custom sport guards, you can converse clearly and comfortably. Their color range is fairly diverse.

Because this sports mouthpiece is created in our dental laboratory by skilled dental technicians, dental clinics benefit from faster delivery and lower expenses. We are really pleased of  how hard we work to ensure that the materials we use are of the greatest quality and that our work is meticulously made.

Sports Guards

Puche Dental Lab crafts sport guards with high-quality California-made materials. We guarantee the highest quality, tested impact protection, and a long legacy of innovation that places us at the forefront of sportguard manufacturing.

Equip the whole team with these tried-and-true classic custom sports guards. Affordable, cozy, and flexible are the three pillars of this product.

Here's how we went about creating a high-quality mouth guard for sporting activities.

Using any mouth guard for impact sports is a risk. At Puche Dental Lab, we take great care to guarantee that our customized athletic sport guards provide the finest protection available in every situation. Dental trauma, such as shattered or missing teeth, is protected by our Sports Guards.

With our cutting-edge process, we are glad to offer only the highest quality sports mouth guards:

-Four protection levels Junior, Pro, Elite, and Pro-Elite—ensure personalized support for each athlete.

-Designed to give optimal protection to athletes of all ages, levels, and sports.

-Carefully constructed occlusal thickness gives the appropriate level of comfort and support to prevent tooth damage.

-Personalized designs and colors encourage young players to wear sport guards and safeguard their teeth.

Get full-service of dental health products at Puche Dental Lab, find your custom-fitted sport guard right now to save yourself the pain and money of a future injury. Get a sport guard now and keep your bright smile safe!

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