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Puche Dental Lab presents Talon splint appliances, skillfully amalgamating the most advantageous attributes of rigid and flexible splints, effectively mitigating the inherent drawbacks of either type. This innovation significantly reduces chair time required for patient comfort. The section that interfaces with the teeth is constructed from a gentle, thermoplastic polymer.

Talon Splints

Customized Fit of Puche Dental Lab Talon Splints

These appliances can be pre-warmed in warm water, ensuring a personalized fit every time the patient uses them. This distinctive feature ensures Puche Dental Lab Talon appliances offer an exceptionally comfortable wearing experience while maintaining optimal retention. The Talon material is engineered to provide ideal comfort and retention at the body’s temperature. It guarantees superior retention without subjecting the teeth or surrounding tissues to undue pressure. The need for internal adjustments is nearly eradicated due to the consistent “custom fit” achieved with each insertion. The pliable thermoplastic interior is seamlessly integrated with a robust acrylic shell, permitting occlusal enhancement and regular occlusal adjustments. Unlike other existing thermoplastics, Talon® preserves its initial flexibility over extended periods. A robust acrylic surface is chemically united with processed Talon® material, creating the splint’s occlusal plane, facilitating effortless, accurate occlusal adjustments.

Distinctive Features of Puche Dental Lab Talon Appliances

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