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The Valplast Flexible Partial Denture redefines the experience of partials by eliminating the drawbacks of traditional metal alternatives. With Valplast, you’ll embrace a simplified treatment process that preserves natural teeth without unnecessary preparation. It streamlines design, empowering the RPD to fulfill the demands of retention, support, and stability seamlessly. Gone are the complexities of metal frames, enhancing fabrication and try-in stages. Moreover, Valplast caters to the trend of metal-free dentistry, ensuring patient satisfaction by avoiding metal placement in the mouth. With a legacy backed by unmatched knowledge, experience, training, and advanced technology, Valplast is the undisputed leader in flexible RPD materials.

Valplast® Flexible Partials shine as a versatile option, serving as a partial denture that can replace conventional metal substructure appliances. They also prove invaluable as saddles or clasps on cast-metal partials. Offering distinct physical and aesthetic attributes, biocompatible Valplast seamlessly integrates lifelike esthetics, harmonizing effortlessly with the patient’s natural tissue and adjacent dentition. The Valplast injection process guarantees optimal adaptation to both hard and soft tissues.

These partials stand resilient against stains, ensuring longevity while providing comfort within the mouth. Valplast’s construction eschews metal or wire clasps, resulting in an appliance that marries flawlessly with surrounding gums and dentition.

Vitallium 2000 Partials

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