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Puche Dental Lab presents the Ivoclar Digital Denture, an advanced solution that elevates denture quality and wearer satisfaction. Experience an improved fit, enhanced retention, and a reduction in sore spots. Our dentures boast superior durability, stain resistance, and odor prevention. Plus, the convenience of electronic records ensures swift recreation if needed.

Discover more about the Ivoclar Digital Denture:

The Ivoclar Digital Denture System integrates clinical and lab processes seamlessly. It incorporates precise record-taking methods using straightforward clinical tools that complement digital design in the lab and fabrication procedures. The result is a denture that fits impeccably and offers unparalleled strength, delivering an optimal experience for your patients.

The Ivoclar Digital Denture workflow builds upon a solid foundation of conventional clinical records. Puche Dental Lab has seamlessly integrated essential tools into this digital denture system to gather patient data that serves as the basis for accurate digital planning in the lab.

Initial Clinical Records:

The system initiates with just an analog impression and jaw relation. The Ivoclar Digital Denture system supports various input methods, from traditional impressions and bites to wax rims and models, or even using a wash impression within an existing denture. Clinicians need not alter their impression-taking techniques or bite registration processes.

The digital workflow starts by capturing the patient’s situation through impression and registration, employing Ivoclar clinical tools to optimize individual data collection.

Clinical Record Capture Tools Include:

Centric Tray:

Centric Tray:

In-Lab Turnaround Time


Scan the Impression & Bite:

Lab Procedures:

Laboratory Procedures Include:

CAD Design:

3D Bite Plate:

3D Printed Denture Try-In:

Milled Prosthesis Components:

In-Lab Turnaround Time:

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