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Puche Dental Lab was founded in effort to frame the vision of an All-American Dental Laboratory. Established in Torrance, California, Puche Dental Lab has emerged as a leading dental laboratory in the Los Angeles, USA. 

Puche Dental Lab, renowned for its devoted customer service, strives to function as an organic complement to the prosperity and operation of your dental practice. We are a family-owned and operated company that treats every customer as a member of the family.

Our objective is to establish ourselves as innovators in the field of dental technology by providing guidance on the most recent advancements in materials and procedures. Our organization integrates cutting-edge CAD/CAM technology with skilled craftsmanship in order to provide products that precisely meet your requirements. In order to ensure that nothing is outsourced and that the best materials are used, all of our restorations are created in our modern dental laboratory located in the United States.

Puche Dental Lab

Exploring Innovations in Dental Restorations

Explore Puche Dental Lab, a pioneering force in dental restorations. With cutting-edge dental technology and a customized approach, we redefine precision and artistry in dentistry. Our dedicated dental team ensures timely, cosmetically sound dental results, collaborating seamlessly with dental professionals. Enhance patient satisfaction and optimize your practice with Puche Dental Lab, where dental excellence and smiles intersect. 

Puche Dental Lab has developed its dental expertise and earned the trust of dental professionals over the years by delivering high-quality dental goods and services. As your trusted dental partner, we provide full-service and are dedicated to understanding your specific dental requirements and providing customized dental solutions that exceed your dental expectations.

Our passion is to contribute to the success of your dental practice and the satisfaction of your patients, thereby strengthening our position as a dental industry leader.

Our dental restorations are all produced in California in our state-of-the-art dental laboratory, ensuring that nothing is outsourced and that only the highest quality dental materials are employed.

Dental expertise + skill = more effective, appealing dental restorations.

A trusted dental partner: solves dental issues, conserves time, and exceeds expectations for dental restorations.

Puche Dental Lab Services

We build TRUST

Puche Dental is the first choice of dentists and dental clinics.

When it comes to delivering high-quality dental products on time, private dental clinics rely on Puche Dental Lab’s team of account managers and CDTs. If you want more satisfied patients coming through your door, our staff can help by providing a customized dental experience.

Puche Dental Lab is an excellent business partner for group practices looking to expand while remaining efficient. Because there are so many alternatives, they may be tailored to the specific requirements and preferences of any group.

It is important to thoroughly evaluate and handle the distinct and extensive needs of a dental service organization. Puche Dental Lab has unmatched expertise in assisting these organizations and provide full-service for their profitable expansion and growth.

Puche Dental Lab

Why Choose US


Premium dental health products and services with certified quality.


Modern technology improves dental lab products’ accuracy and productivity.


Quick delivery of first-rate goods and professionally done dental restorations


Affordable alternatives that don’t sacrifice quality

You have entered the FUTURE FABRICATION ERA.

Puche Dental Lab is pleased to deliver three cutting-edge Carbon M2 printers to our collection. We are delighted to offer our prestigious dentistry clients these limitless options with these state-of-the-art printers. Discover how these printers may improve patient care and your dentistry practice.


Puche Dental Lab is a proud user of Carbon’s cutting-edge Digital Light SynthesisTM technology, which is powered by a wide variety of dental materials. 

This technology allows –

  • More precise and accurate color matching. 
  • Benefits of trustworthy and cutting-edge 3D manufacturing solutions provided by credible dental manufacturers for a number of dental applications.

Puche Dental


Dr. Sarah Johnson Dentist

We trust Puche Dental Lab for consistent quality and excellent service.

Dr. Michael Roberts Prosthodontist

Their esthetic all-ceramic products have transformed my patients' smiles!

Dr. Khalid Oral Surgeon

Puche Dental Lab's implant restorations fit perfectly every time.

Dr. David Anderson General Dentist

Fast turnaround and affordable pricing make them my go-to dental lab.

Dr. Jennifer Lee Orthodontist

Impressed with their use of the latest technology for precise results.

Dr. Robert Mitchell Periodontist

Puche Dental Lab is an essential part of our dental team!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Puche Dental Lab provides a wide range of dental products, including esthetic all-ceramic restorations, implant restorations, and more.

The turnaround time for each restoration can vary, but we strive to deliver timely results without compromising on quality.

Yes, we understand emergencies happen. Contact our team to discuss rush service options for immediate needs.

We adhere to stringent quality control processes, ensuring each product meets our high standards of precision and durability.

You can easily submit your case through our online portal or contact our customer support for personalized assistance.

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