Laser Dental 3D Printer for Premium Dental Products

With the new generation of the TruPrint 1000, which has full-field multi-laser technology and completely redesigned uniformity of the gas flow, we’re building on our earlier success to get even higher output and better quality. 

For working with metal powders, the dental 3D printer uses a method called laser metal fusion, which is also known as power bed fusion. Triple-layer dental 3D printing is very durable and produces high-quality results, making the TruPrint 1000 a great choice for both study and small-scale production. Particularly well-suited for the dental industry.

TruPrint 1000 Laser Printer - Puche Dental Labs

The TruPrint 1000’s innovative design is optimally constructed to fit through a regular door and work in any dental laboratory.

3D printed dental implants at your own pace!


  • Dental 3D printers make very precise things that can be used again and again. 
  • Intraoral scanners also speed up work and make sure that the tools made are accurate by making it easier to make exact models of a patient’s mouth.  
  • When working by hand, the quality of the finished product depends on how skilled the dental lab technician is. 

In light of this, staying consistent can be very hard. With our laser metal 3D printers, you can make a model that is more accurate, strong, and stable, even for delicate structures. 

Laser 3D Printer- Dental Labs

Digital Solutions

Digital dentistry includes more than just 3D printers. It’s crucial to integrate a 3D printer into a digital operation that makes use of additional hardware and software if you want to use one in your dental lab. 

More dentists are able to implement digital procedures and provide patients with faster, more accurate, and more effective care through dental 3D printing. 

Fastest Delivery

  • Dental products like surgical guides and splints can be made in-house with the help of a 3D printer.
  • No need to send impressions to a dental lab and wait for delivery. 
  • Labs with laser 3D printing make appliances faster.
  • Multiple productions at a time, which means less waiting time for patients. 

With 3D printing workflows, the patient’s mouth scan can be delivered to the lab or printer in minutes, speeding up manufacturing.

Puche Dental Labs- Laser 3D Printer

Laser metal Fusion

While 3D printing for dentistry is now used to create dental models, guides, and splints, more appliances will be able to be made in a similar manner as materials continue to progress. 

Dentists will be able to improve patient care and outcomes, operate more quickly and responsively, and use 3D printing applications with the use of laser 3D metal printers in their labs provided by our dental suppliers.

3D laser printer dental laboratory -puche dental labs

With the advancement of 3D dental printing technology, dental labs are increasingly adopting it to benefit from digital workflows, including the addition of dental machines. 3D printing contributes to increased efficiency, decreased expenses and time requirements, and enhanced patient satisfaction.

Dentists equipped with Puche Lab’s one-of-a-kind dental 3D printer will have the ability to provide a competitive service and retain a greater number of patients than before.