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Puche Dental Lab is proud to offer Original Straumann Custom Abutments, expertly milled in-house using the FDA-approved digital workflow. As part of the comprehensive Straumann® Cares® program for dental labs, we utilize cutting-edge design software, a 5-axis CAD/CAM mill, and original interface custom abutment blanks to deliver exceptional results.

Key Advantages:

Perfect Harmony in Design

By using The Original Straumann Components, we achieve precise design harmony between Straumann implants and their corresponding prosthetic components. Our experience and commitment ensure the most reliable restorations for your Straumann implants.

Virtually Zero Screw Loosening

With original Straumann components, screw loosening is significantly reduced, thanks to the optimized design of the abutment, screw, and implant interface.

Enhanced Stability

Original Straumann implant to abutment connections demonstrate the tightest tolerance limits, resulting in minimal micro-mobility and improved stability compared to non-original connections.

Seamless Digital Workflow

Our FDA-approved digital workflow, from IOS scan to final implant restorations, guarantees precision and efficiency. We utilize state-of-the-art technology, including Straumann intraoral scan bodies, IOS Intraoral scanner, Straumann Dental Wings CARES® CAD/CAM software, and Original Straumann abutment blanks milled in the Straumann / amanngirbach M series 5-axis mill.

Peace of Mind with Straumann Guarantee

Using Straumann Original components ensures that your implants and restorations are covered by The Straumann Guarantee. Enjoy a 10-year guarantee for certain abutments and restorations, and a lifetime guarantee for specific implant systems.

Proven Durability

Straumann original prosthetic components have been clinically proven with an exemplary 97% success rate in a 10-year retrospective study.

Indications for Use:

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