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To cater to the requirements of your patients, Puche lab offers a wide selection of removable dentures and fixed partial denture, both with and without metal frameworks. With our selection of items, you will be able to strike a balance between aesthetics and cost, thereby providing your patients with a product of superior quality at a price that is within their financial means.


Depending on the patient’s age, preferred tooth shade, masculine or feminine feature, and natural tissue contours, we can customize the types of dentures such as temporary dentures, glitter dentures, zirconia hybrid dentures, titanium dentures and many more. Each case is made specifically for the patient, taking into account their individual features to provide a realistic smile while also being comfortable.

Puche Denture Lab denture manufacturers encourages natural tissue to appear beautiful and self-cleaning. We guarantee a gap-free adaptation for improved stability over the long run. We request that people who are allergic to acrylic have a vinyl-based material prescribed by our dentist.

Denture Types:

  • Premium- Our Premier Dentures are suitable for patients who want their teeth to seem as natural as possible. Our expertise can assist you fully customize the dentures to the patient’s preferences, including tooth designs, acrylic colors, stippled or smooth, and other techniques.
  • Elite- Among our high-quality dentures, the Elite model is a great option for patients because of its flexible denture capabilities, offering a wider range of shade and form options.
  • Surgical- Our surgical dentures are made with premium materials. Puche Lab technicians will precisely set and fabricate the required instant denture depending on each patient’s needs. 


Partial Dentures

Puche Dental Lab delivers permanent partial dentures to dental practitioners in California. We provide partial upper dentures as well as front partial dentures. Patients frequently believe that dentures are either all or nothing, however this is not the case. Cast metal partial dentures are available in whole or partial sets, and they do not always have to replace all of one’s upper or lower teeth.


Cast Partial Dentures

Puche Lab dental manufacturers have been trained and are well-known for the expertise of removable partial dentures. These flex partial dentures are also available in a range of material combinations. Metal castings, processed acrylics, vinyl processes, denture teeth, and a variety of  dental products.

Our removable partial dentures are constructed with high-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship.

Valplast Partial Denture

Valplast partial denture is flexible, aesthetically pleasing, and functional. It can be used as a partial denture or in conjunction with a combined cast framework. People who have an adverse reaction to acrylics may find that Valplast partial denture works better for them.

CustomFlex Partial Dentures

CustomFlex partial denture employs sophisticated thermoplastic resin with nylon-like injected base material as an alternative to standard partial materials for enhanced flexibility, durability, and biocompatibility.

Its tissue-like construction and cosmetic clasping give your patients the most natural look. CustomFlex can be used with any partial denture.

To meet the demands of your patients, our Dentures Lab offers a range of partial dentures, both with and without metal frameworks. Give your patients high-quality, affordably priced products from our assortment, which strikes a good mix between aesthetics and functionality.

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