Perfecting the Multi-Unit Implant Scan

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Perfecting the Multi-Unit Implant Scan

Puche Dental Lab, at its core, remains dedicated to being an indispensable partner to our valued clients. Aligned with our core values, we prioritize extensive research, development, and investments in cutting-edge technology, ensuring the finest dental restorations on the market. By doing so, we address current challenges faced by the dentists we serve. With this commitment in mind, Puche Dental Laboratory is thrilled to introduce our new in-office digital scan service, harnessing the revolutionary IMetric4d’s ICam4d extraoral scanner for multi-implant restorations.

In multi-unit rehabilitation cases involving implant restorations, achieving precise impressions becomes increasingly challenging as the number of implants increases. This lack of accuracy is due, in part, to limitations in conventional impression methods and implant scanners. Additionally, each step in the process relies on the accuracy of the preceding step. A slight deviation in any of these steps can lead to inaccuracies in the master model, resulting in ill-fitting final fixed prostheses. This inconvenience leads to the need for retaking impressions or scans, resulting in wasted chair-time and frustration for both dental professionals and patients.

Puche Dental Lab new ICam4d in-office scanning service effectively eliminates these issues for multi-unit implants. The ICam4d utilizes photogrammetric and structured light scanning techniques to capture precise 3D data. Special scan bodies (ICamBodies), embedded with 3D coding, accurately determine the position and orientation of the implants. With this service, our highly trained implant specialist will visit your office to take the necessary extra-oral scan, capturing the implant positions with utmost precision.

Perfecting the Multi-Unit Implant Scan

The scan results are exported to our lab and will include the exact position, angles, and interrelated distances of the implants. The accuracy of these scans is remarkable, within 10 to 15 microns. This system seamlessly works with all standard multi-unit abutments and is ideally suited for large span implant-supported bridges or dentures.

Partner with Puche Dental Lab, and experience the future of dental technology with our ICam4d in-office digital scan service. Rest assured, we are committed to delivering exceptional solutions for multi-implant restorations, enhancing both your practice and patient care.

Step 1

The initial phase involves engaging Puche Dental Lab’s implant specialist at the earliest opportunity. Keeping accurate records of the patient’s existing dentition is crucial for precise tooth placement and midline determination. Study models or an existing denture can serve as suitable records.

Step 2

As always, we recommend using a surgical guide to determine the ideal implant placement. Puche Dental Lab offers precision-fit guided surgery appliances, fabricated using various advanced workflows available in the industry.

Step 3

Contact Puche Dental Lab at least 72 hours before the patient’s surgery appointment to schedule one of our highly skilled implant scan specialists. Please note that we currently serve the following area codes:

Step 4

Following the implant placement, a Puche Dental Lab implant scan specialist will provide special scan bodies (ICambodies) for insertion into the newly placed implant sites. This step precisely measures the position and orientation of the implants.

Step 5

During the same appointment, the scan bodies are removed, and special healing abutments (ICamRefs) are placed on the implant sites. The soft tissue can now be scanned with an intra-oral scanner. Alternatively, a rapid impression can be taken and then scanned with a special scanner at our lab.

Step 6

The data from both scans is sent to our laboratory and imported into the advanced Imetric4D scanning software. The ICam4d data and gum tissue scans are meticulously aligned to create a high precision dental model that perfectly replicates the patient’s mouth.

Step 7

With the final high-precision dental model in place, manufacturing the fixed prosthesis can begin. The specifics of this step are determined during the initial consultation with one of our digital specialists. Our specialist’s precise scan ensures a passive fit and, in most cases, a quick turnaround time of one to two days. Puche Dental Lab offers a wide range of options for the final prosthesis, tailored to meet individual needs.

At Puche Dental Lab, we prioritize excellence in every step of the process, ensuring outstanding results for multi-implant restorations. Partner with us and experience the future of dental technology at its finest.

Zir.Max.M Hybrid – A highly esthetic and extremely durable option.

SmartComposite Hybrid – This is highly polishable, lightweight, and kind to opposing dentition.

Smart1 Screw Retained  – Porcelain fused to CO/CR. Durable, precise, and great for the esthetic zone.

At Puche Dental Lab, our team of highly skilled technicians meticulously crafts all final prosthetics, providing unmatched strength and the aesthetics of natural teeth.

Benefits for the Clinician

Benefits for the Patient

Implant dentistry is witnessing remarkable growth, becoming one of the fastest-growing areas in the dental industry. This surge is largely attributed to the widespread use of dental implants for rehabilitating completely or partially edentulous patients. Ensuring a proper passive fit of the implant-supported prosthesis is vital for its long-term success. As a clinician serving such patients, our new in-office scanning service at Puche Dental Lab is a game-changer.

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