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Product Description

Puche Dental Lab Smiles By Design diagnostic wax-ups serve as the foundation for your ultimate restorations. Each case represents a unique set of restorative and cosmetic needs, just as every patient is as unique as their fingerprint. To achieve the best design for the final dental restoration, we mock-up the case, evaluate it on an articulator and test it as provisionals.

Similar to how a construction company relies on an architect’s design, an engineer’s study, and a tested scale model to build a bridge, dental restorations demand detailed analysis. Whether the case is complex or simple, cosmetic or restorative, our team custom designs each solution to meet your specifications. Our goal is to create functionally sound and aesthetically pleasing designs that go beyond average results, delivering life-changing smile makeovers that earn your patients’ appreciation for years to come.

Diagnostic Wax-Ups

Practice-Building Benefits

At Puche Dental Lab, we understand the significance of a person’s smile in various aspects of their life. Many patients aspire to enhance their smiles, but it’s often a challenging emotional decision to make. To instill confidence in our patients, we employ 3-D mock-ups of the final results, allowing them to visualize their dream smiles.

For added assurance, some clients opt for a putty matrix of the wax-up to create a quick composite mock-up in the patient’s mouth. This enables the patient to “try on” their smile and evaluate the potential outcome, significantly increasing the likelihood of them saying YES to cosmetic treatment.

Our Smiles By Design diagnostic wax-ups are ideal for case presentations, acting as templates for provisionals, and providing a preview of the final restorations. With our personalized approach and the use of advanced techniques, we help build your practice while fulfilling your patients’ desires for the smiles they’ve always wanted.

Key Features

For optimal case presentation and maximum case acceptance, diagnostic wax-ups are delivered on white presentation models. Pink tissue wax is available upon request.

Diagnostic wax-ups have several key benefits to your practice:

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