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Discover Puche Dental Lab Innovative Solution: EMA - Elastic Mandibular Advancement

Introducing our Elastic Mandibular Advancement oral device, known as EMA, designed to combat sleep apnea. This patient-friendly, patented design harnesses interchangeable elastic straps coupled with pressure-formed custom upper and lower trays, revolutionizing sleep apnea treatment. Gradual mandibular advancement is achieved with precision, offering lasting success.

Our design marries innovation with exact mandibular motion control. The adaptability of elastic bands permits personalized treatment, facilitating swift and efficient adjustments for optimal outcomes.

Lateral Mobility Bands, boasting varying elasticity, guide the mandible forward to the desired alignment while preserving full jaw movement in all directions.

EMA – Elastic Mandibular Advancement

TMJ and Sleep Apnea Harmony:

FDA and ADA Endorsed:

Master the Bite Technique:

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